twisted mind.

Abil, si alter ego. Sudah di ambang 21. Jaga-jaga, konten laman ini mungkin tidak seindah yang kau sangka.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Loving her will not
always be easy.
She will weave herself
into bad poetry some
nights to keep you 
from seeing her without
her skin.
One day, you will
see her without
her skin.
She will pull on the
edges of herself until
she has come
completely unraveled
on the kitchen floor.
She does not need 
help picking herself
back up, but the
company is nice every
once in a while.
One day, she will 
show you what it
means to be made
of something so
easily pulled apart.
Some nights, she
will need herself more
than she needs you.
There are stars in 
her eyes that burn like
hell if you bury yourself
against them for too
long, do not let this
stop you from seeing
She will not always
be easy to convince,
she will wake up each
morning wrapped 
around the worry that
your heart stopped
beating for her over
She will love you
with everything she
has ever had.
Do not take her
away from herself.
— on loving firecracker womenEmma Bleker (via stolenwine)